The Plot at the New Theatre

My first post in quite a while, so here goes! I am delighted to be rehearsing for Paula Lonergan’s new play, The Plot, running at The New Theatre from 5th-9th February 2019 and directed by Nora Kelly Lester.

The Plot tells the story of the ghost of a 19th century suicided woman (Roseanne Lynch). Returning to demand her rights to a grave and a decent place to rest, she is interviewed by a council worker (Charlotte Rose Keating) to determine if she is eligible for a plot. The ghost reveals her fragmented story, despite her interviewer’s limited ability to understand. As the interview continues, the ghost reveals a connection between the two women that dates back to antiquity. Meanwhile, a demon (Eoghan Burke Fia Rua) hovers intent on luring the ghost back to his world of the undead.

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