Film & TV


  • Mother (Lead female) in Linenhall Parade, Wan in the Chamber Productions, 2020
  • Corinna (Ensemble) in Birdsong, by Peter Toplis, 2019
  • Debra (Lead female) in Deb, 18, by Ross O’Hara, 2018
  • Breda (Supporting) in Séan of the Dead, 2018
  • Angel (Supporting) in The Gates, by Peter Toplis, 2018
  • Lisa (Supporting) in Let Me Be Frank by Felix O’Connor, 2017
  • Anne (Lead female) in Mayfly by Cody Sullivan, 2017
  • Claire (Lead) in Protos by Jack Martin, 2017
  • Vicky (Ensemble) in The Waiting List by Tom Ferris-Meldon, 2017
  • Carol (Lead) in Crystalline by Dylan Cunningham, 2017
  • Anna (Ensemble) in Sheered Malice by Jennifer Warren, 2016
  • Grigta (Lead female) in short film by Warren Bridgeman of the same title, 2015
  • Evelyn (Lead) in In Utero by Lauren Retig, 2015
  • Grace (Supporting) in Double Date, by Maureen Woods, 2014
  • Doctor (Supporting) in Promise Me, by Naomi Seale, 2014


  • Small Ribs, (Lead Female) by Fin Divilly, Wan in the Chamber Productions, 2020
  • You Can’t Be Sane (Lead Female) by Fia Rua, directed by DH Media, 2016
  • The Beast (Ensemble), Gerard Daly Music, CB Media, 2015
  • Lost with All Hands (Lead Female) The Mariannes, directed by Sean Donnellan, 2014


  • “Success Happens Here”- DBS Advertisement (Featured-online, cinema, TV), McCann Blue Productions, 2018


  •  Radio presenter (Supporting), PersonalNew Media IrelandDean Mullen


  • Shieldmaiden (Featured), Vikings, Season 3 Episode 5, The History Channel, 2015


Mel Gibson; Charlotte Rose Keating